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But during high activity, auroras are often visible from much lower latitudes, often including Scotlan Irelan Denmark, Estonia and more. All about the Kp index ‎Sky Cameras ‎Aurora Alerts! Daily Aurora ForecastAurora Service (Europe)www. LignendeOversæt denne sideAurora Borealis information service for Europe.

Telling you when the Northern Lights are likely to appear. Real-time Aurora Forecasts and live solar wind data. Aurora Forecast for night of Sunday, July 2017. Umea, Sweden, Trondheim, Norway, and the Faeroe Islands, Denmark. Aurora Alerts is an app designed to monitor real-time auroral activity and push alert to let you know if there may be aurora borealis (northern lights) visible . This model gives a short-term forecast of the intensity of the auroral oval for both.

The OVATION Aurora Forecast Model shows the intensity and location of the aurora predicted for the time shown at the top of the map. This probability forecast is . Photographer Jesper Grønne from Silkeborg in Denmark has captured the celestial beauty of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Aurora Borealis is somewhat rare in Denmark, Grønne said. Little Denmark is the southern part of Scandinavia, just north of Germany.

The northern lights are nature’s most dazzling light show. Also known as the aurora borealis, it’s often on any traveler’s bucket list. The lights appear only in the . The Northern Lights, the common term for Aurora Borealis, occur when solar flares collide with high altitude atmosphere – particularly prevalent .