Aurora forecast norway

The polar light in the northern hemisphere is called aurora borealis – or northern lights – while the polar lights in the southern hemisphere are called aurora . Featuring hourly and daily Northern Lights forecasts along with live solar wind. Finlan Sweden and Norway along with Iceland and Greenland. Fred Sigernes at the University Centre in Svalbard operated Kjell Henriksen . Forecast: Auroral activity will be low. Weather permitting, low-level displays will be visible overhead in Tromsø, Norway and Reykjavik, Icelan and visible low . Hiking-lofoten provides Aurora (Northern Light) forecast for Norway and the Lofoten islands located above the Arctic Circle. Few places on earth offer more ways to witness the aurora . The Research Council of Norway through the project named: Norwegian and . Icelan Norway, Sweden, Finland and Siberia) runs from August-thru-April.

Go in search of the Aurora Borealis with the Northern Lights experts. One of the main draws of Norway is, of course, its Northern Lights potential and the . The other-worldy beauty of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) mesmerises all who travel in the Arctic. Book your ringside seat with . Best time to book flights from the UK to Norway: Seven weeks before . Long term forecast forTromsø (Troms).

Read more about the color codes and how certain the forecasts are. The spectacular Northern Lights are visible in the Arctic parts of Norway from October through March. Few natural phenomena have the power to beguile quite like the aurora borealis and no-one ever forgets their first experience of watching what .