Reed contact switch

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Photo: A typical reed switch (a Comus RI-23). You can just see the two overlapping metal contacts (reeds) inside the glass envelope. The Reed Switch is the core element in Reed Sensors, Level Sensors and Reed Relays.

When the magnetic field is remove the reeds separate and the switch opens.

This switch can carry up to 1. That is, gas-tight glass-to-metal seals prevent the contacts from being exposed to the environment. Littelfuse reed switches are sealed with an inert nitrogen . LED magnetic door window alarm contact reed switch loop open when . KSK-1A04) – the smallest in the . Reed sensors and permanent magnets are ideal in sensing and detecting. APPLICATION NOTES: Reed Switch Basics.

A reed switch consists of two or three metal reed contacts. Looking for Magnetic reed contact switch?

Find it and more at Jameco Electronics. Browse over 30products, including Electronic Components, . An SPST NC switch is referred to as form B. Dry reed relays are made of coils wrapped around reed switches. Thus, unlike limit switches, reed switches are actuated without physical contact with the actuating element. Since reed switches are filled with inert gas during . Find great deals on eBay for Magnetic Reed Switch in Electrical Switches. In terms of reed switch operation, this is the most common reed switch configuration.

Protect doors and windows by linking the reed switch and magnet to an alarm system. Surface mounted with an approximate operating gap of 20mm providing . A reed relay, which uses an electromagnet to control one or several reed switches, has contacts which are mounted on magnetic reeds that are scaled into a . As the magnet passes by the contacts in the encased reed switch, they draw . It is most economic, handling loads from . The Guided float switch is designed for economical control of liquids in tanks. The reed contacts have found use in the production of . The switch is remarkable for its maintenance-free compact design and reed .