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None of the constructions, illustrations or information presented here may be used for commercial purposes without my . Click link below to go to: DIY Loudspeakers. A box of new paper coned drivers from SEAS. The CA22RNX, MCA15RCY and MCA12RC. And soft domes: 27TDC and 27TFFC. Summary: Please do not ask what speakers to build.

Please do not ask the difference in sound from two speakers. Please do not ask what amplifiers will suit a . This is a speaker I’ve wanted to do for a long time. A 3-way design from bass drivers supplemented by relatively small midrange drivers. The low-pass section is first-order with a parallel RC-circuit to produce linear impedance. H series coil is bypassed by a small RC-circuit, providing . Copyright 2015-© Troels Gravesen.

Go to on this DRIVERS CROSSOVER BAFFLE MEASUREMENTS SPEAKER-KIT CROSSOVER LAYOUT SOUND. Read Speaker Talk 2008-20Read Speaker Talk 2011-20Back to intro page. The last three months have been very . Hi all, First, thank you for all the replies that I got from my first post regarding good first projects. Probably the best advise I received was to.

Jeg har været godt tilfreds, og er det som sådan set stadigvæk. Men jeg kunne godt ønske mig en kende dybere bas og mere dynamik.