Compound motor diagram

Several versions of the compound motor are also shown in this diagram. This video will combine both the Series Winding and Shunt Winding to create the 3rd possible connection. We connect the Compound DC Motor with the Series and Shunt windings with opposite polarities giving us a.

The operating characteristics of shunt, series and compound (a mixture of both). As with shunt motors, the connections to either the field or armature must be . The self-excited motors are further classified as Shunt wound or shunt motor, Series wound or series motor and Compound wound or compound motor. The introduction of variable resistance in the armature circuit or field circuit allowed speed control.

In this every pole having both the series and shunt field . In this type, the series field opposes the SHUNT FIELD . The speed of cumulative compound motors can be controlled by either. Diverter Potentiometer control (circuit diagram group KS 01-) is suitable for. Figure shows diagram of the compound motor. In the case of rectified Compound motors, the series winding also acts as choke . Connections and Terminal Markings for AC . Proposed wiring diagram for SA with compound motor.

Motor connections with motor terminal box.

CIRCUIT DIAGRAM FOR BRAKE TEST ON D. EM1LAB,BVCR,RAJAHMUNDRY ,Prepared by K. Suppose we make the motor lead connections, as shown in Fig. Showing conections for demonstrating the variation in torque for change in compounding of a. Cumulative – Short Shunt – Compound Motor. Your motor will be internally connected according to one of the diagrams shown below. Compound motor – series and shunt windings in the same machine combine to make the field flux.

COMPOUND WOUND MOTORS – These motors are used whenever it is . Make sure that no load is applied on the motors and the motor field rheostat should be in minimum position . A constant voltage across the field makes the field independent of variations in the armature circuit. If the load on the motor is increase the motor tends to slow . The armature circuit resistance includes the armature winding resistance plus. Related COMPOUND MOTOR DIAGRAM Free Ebooks.